*Amsterdam, Energy Plant, Hemweg (4 polyester sculptures, height 16-26 feet)
*The Hague, Scheveningseweg (steel sculpture, landmark, height 53 feet)
*Amsterdam, Trompenburg Street (length 78 feet, steel plates under roof-gutter)
*The Hague, Binckhorst Entrance (steel and polyester sculpture, landmark, height 60 feet)
*Amsterdam, Bijlmermeer (steel sculpture, landmark, length 65 feet)
*Hellevoetssluis, City House (sculpture in marble and programmed light)
*Amsterdam, Housing Corporations (1200 pieces of original digital prints)
*Deventer, Central Park (steel sculpture, height 32 feet)
*Rotterdam, Prinsenland (Steel and neon sculpture, landmark, height 88 feet)
*Den Helder, Town Hall (2 steel sculptures, length 26 feet, height 49 feet meters)
 Rotterdam, Marconi Square, with Bob Bonies (24 murals of 10 x 10 feet each, laminated Color Xerox copies)
*Den Bosch, Entrance North (3 steel sculptures, landmark, heights 60 and 13 feet)
 Rotterdam, Metrostation Dijkzicht (polyester high-relief, length 65 feet, height 12 feet)
*Leeuwarden, Camminghaburen (polyester and steel sculpture, landmark, height 40 feet)
*Rotterdam, Metro crossing Ommoord (16 steel columns, landmark, height each 39 feet)
*Deventer, Railway Station (2 free hanging sculptures, length each 50 feet, steel and marble)

 Rotterdam, Metro Station Dijkzicht. Flat Earth at 20 metres wide. Ceramic Steel.


* Art commissions in co-operation with Matthijs van Dam (1998)