For 20 years, from 1993 to 2013, Peter Jansen wandered around the world, visiting almost half of the existing countries. During these travels he recorded this non-stop journey in what he called the 'Vista Series’. This has lead up to a large number of panorama-like assemblages, made up of sometimes more than 50 separate pictures, all clearly marked by two vertical and very tiny white borderlines on each side. In 2013 he decided to summarize this nomadic period of his life. He selected 62 Vistas from 30 countries to create a huge piece of work, made up from 1250 digital prints. He called it FLAT EARTH.


In 2015 the Rotterdam Public Transport (RET) commissioned Peter Jansen to realize Flat Earth in the 'Dijkzigt' metro station on a wall of 20 x 5 meters.

Flat Earth was unvealed in April 2016 at the Rotterdam Metro Station.


It was printed by the USA based 'Polyvision Ceramic Metals' at a scale of 20 meters wide in a unique way. They developed special inks for high resolution digital printing on steel plates. The ink is based on glass with colors composed of metal oxides. This way the 20 meters wall has been processed in an enamelling furnace into a ceramic surface.