During Bicentennial Year in the USA (1976) Peter Jansen travelled for 2 months through several states buying a newspaper in the cities he passed, this way summarizing and documenting the journey. Starting in New York on the 4th of July at Bicentennial Day and ending in the same town on the 13th of September unexpected but quite historic events happened, like the death of Elvis Presley, the first landing of a spacecraft on Mars and the death of Mao Zedong.

40 FRONTPAGES includes the following newspapers:


New York Times Magazine, Times Arts and Leisure NY Times Supplement, The Village Voice, Sundial, Miami Herald, Knoxville News-Sentinel, The Atlanta Journal, The Tennessean, Nashville Banner, Memphis Press-Scimitar, Tulsa Daily World, Amarillo Sunday News Globe, The New Mexican, Sierra County Sentinel, The El Paso Times, Rim County News, Panorama, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Desert Dispatch, Los Angeles Herald Examiner, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Express, The Register, Long Beach Independent, Telegram Tribune, Monterrey Peninsula Herald, San Jose Mercury, The Oakland Tribune, San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco Chronicle, Diario de Mexico, Independent Journal, The Washington Star, The Washington Post, The New York Post, The Daily News, The China Tribune, The Village Voice.